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With insects into a sustainable future

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Insects are true all-rounders and are able to feed on organic substrates that no other farm animals can manage. Insects therefore have a great potential to recycle the daily food waste in the value chain and transform it into high-quality nutrients that can be used as food or animal feed. In this way, the circular economy in agriculture and sustainable development can be promoted.

Sustainable Development Goals


End hunger and promote sustainable agriculture

A lot of food ends up as waste and is not used, while at the same time many people suffer from hunger. By converting food waste through insects, new food can be created again.


For a sustainable production

Insects are masters of recycling food waste and can generate nutrients from it, thereby contributing to circular production.


Measures against climate change

Insects contain nutrients and can therefore be used as feed and to reduce the amount of soy in the feed ration, thereby reducing global deforestation of rainforests.


Less fishing for feed

The use of insects as protein-rich feed can reduce the consumption of fishmeal and counteract the overfishing of the oceans. 


Less land to produce food

Insects can use resources many times more efficiently compared to other farm animals and thus have a lower land consumption for the production of nutrients.

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