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Free Range Geflügelfarm


Automated cricket & grasshopper breeding in breeding boxes

With our breeding solution, we enable laying farms to breed insects themselves quickly, cheaply and easily. In nature, grasshoppers are high on the diet of chickens. Like almost all birds, chickens love to eat insects. In the barn they provide the necessary variety and increase the hunting instincts of the chickens. This reduces feather and toe pecking. The extensive amino acid profile and chitin of the locusts promote the immune system and the digestion of the chickens. ​

Eggs from insect-fed chickens have many advantages:


​Increased animal welfare of the chickens

​Eating live insects allows the chickens to behave more naturally, such as scratching, hunting, and actively searching for locusts. In this way, they contribute to better and more balanced animal welfare. The quality and taste of the eggs are not affected in any way. The positive influences are currently being scientifically proven.

Reduced environmental impact 

Soy is a major cause of deforestation in South America. Locusts produced directly on the farm are a sustainable alternative to importing soy. By consuming eggs from insect-fed chickens, you help ensure that valuable rainforest does not have to give way to feed production.

Reduced food waste
Grasshoppers help close local cycles in a sustainable manner. They convert fiber-rich, local and unused agricultural by-products into high-quality proteins. These can be produced and fed directly on the farm.

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