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Automated cricket & grasshopper breeding in breeding boxes

Breed insects yourself completely automatically, quickly and inexpensively.

 ​Grasshoppers bred directly in the zoo have many advantages:


Increased animal welfare of the zoo animals

With your own insect breeding facility, you have full transparency to the insect food. The locusts are healthy and vital and, when fed, lead to the optimal hunting instinct and distraction of all insectivorous zoo animals. They are an important and healthy protein supplier, which is loved by birds, reptiles, amphibians, wild cats, monkeys and meerkats.

Reduced food waste
Grasshoppers help close local cycles in a sustainable manner. They convert fiber-rich, local and unused agricultural by-products into high-quality proteins.

Reduced environmental impact

Locally produced locusts do not have to be imported from abroad on a weekly basis. This reduces the transport routes and possible weather-related losses.

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