Breed relaxed in our breeding boxes

SmartBreed offers a complete breeding solution in the form of a breeding tower, in which meal worms can be raised cost-effectively with little effort. Our breeding solution includes the complete breeding process from the egg laying of the meal worms to the development of the meal worms, sorting and reproduction. You benefit from proven and highly attractive breeding results from just a few kilograms per year.

You can also benefit from our expertise in the optimal handling of meal worms from feeding to the optimal breeding conditions for strong and healthy growth.

The breeding tower can be extended as required. Our egg laying and sorting system guarantees a constant breeding result with minimum effort. Only food safe materials are used in our breeding tower. Thus the meal worms feel really good and can be enjoyed without any problems.

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Nutritional values of meal worms

Meal worms are a foodstuff rich in protein and nutrients or also feed for pets and farm animals. They are used, for example, as live food for birds such as budgies and chickens, rodents such as hamsters, and for fish.


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